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How To Nurture Your Outdoor Patio Furniture

What’s the secret of a lasting relationship? Is it communication? Respect? Patience? These elements are all important, but the real key is maintenance.

Of course every relationship seems so easy at the start, but if you’re human, you’ll inevitably find yourself asking questions like shouldn’t this be easy?

But if you consistently do the little things right, it is easy.

When you love patio furniture as much as we do, you learn a few things about treating it right. Different furniture types have different needs, from cleaning to storage. Treat yours the way it wants to be treated, and you’ll be in for a lifetime of happiness. And remember that if things ever get too difficult and you decide that you have to end it, we can always help you with your warranty claim.


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Sunbrella: our preferred patio furniture upholstery

We use Sunbrella cleaning products for all of our top of the line furniture brands. Check out this short instructional video that explains how to clean outdoor patio chair fabric and upholstery.

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