If we decide to cancel the program, you'll have at least 30 days from the date we cancel the program to utilize current loyalty program.


Notice of changes

We'll give you 30 days' notice of the following types of changes to the program or this agreement:

·       if we decrease the rate at which you earn points

·       if we limit the number of points you can earn

·       if we cancel the program

·       if we change or add exclusions


We'll send this notice to you in writing, which, at our option, may be delivered to you electronically by email or through our email service.


We'll give you notice of other changes to the program or agreement by posting an updated copy of this agreement on our website.


We may supplement this agreement with additional terms, conditions, disclosures, and agreements that will be considered part of this agreement.


We may refer to this agreement as the Williams Loyalty Program Rules and Regulations in communications about the program and in supplemental terms, conditions, disclosures, and agreements. This version of the agreement takes the place of any earlier versions.



We may send communications about the program to you at any mailing or email address in our records.

Let us know right away about any changes to your contact information using the by calling us at 847-831-4300.