What you'll find at our ski service counter:

At Williams' ski service counter, we have the same passion about your rental and service experience as we do about your buying experience. It matters to us that your equipment is in top notch condition when you hit the slopes, whether you're renting from us or just purchased a new set up.


Crystal One Robotic Ski Tuner

Our new Crystal One robotic ski tuner lets us achieve tuning results that aren’t achievable with conventional ski tuning machines. It allows for a progressive, shallower base bevel that balances the sharpness and responsiveness of your ski. Simply put, you get a ski that turns easier, holds better on firm snow, and has a smoother glide. When we tune your skis, you can hit the slopes confidently and let the skis do the work. To see our tuner in action, watch the video below.

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"Can't wait for ski season to come back! I rented my equipment from Williams last year & will be doing so again this year. The quality of rentals are unmatched in the area, & the customer service is top-notch." - AARON


Ski equipment needs maintenance every season, just like a car needs an oil change or a tire rotation. It dramatically helps the usability of your equipment, so you can ski with great ease and control. When you bring in your ski equipment, we'll give an honest opinion of the work we think your skis need. We're the most trusted local ski shop in Highland Park, IL for a reason. We'll make sure you have a great experience when you hit the slopes!


Williams Ski & Patio ski service team member taking customer skis at Williams ski service counter.

junior Season rental

Our season rentals are great for growing kids and first time skiers and snowboarders who want to try it out before getting their own equipment. Currently, our seasonal fleet is only for Junior sizes. We ensure the high-quality of our rentals by paying close attention to their condition. We put all of our season rentals through the shop for tuning, binding, safety checks, and wax.

*Please allow 1 week for tuning & setup after sizing. We have a large season rental fleet. As we get further into the season sizes do become limited and we may run out. Ask about our junior trade-in program.

Williams ski service team member setting up bindings on rental skis

Daily Rental - all ages

Our daily rentals are for all ages and can be rented and taken home on the spot while supplies last. (Helpful hint: We recommend coming in far in advance before holiday weekends.) As with our season rentals, we are diligent about the care and quality of our skis and boards. All daily rental equipment goes through the shop for tuning, binding safety checks, and wax. 

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