Snowflake Club 2018-19 Trip Schedule

December 2018

12/1 Saturday Alpine Valley
12/8 Saturday Wilmot
12/14 Friday Night** Wilmot
12/15 Saturday Alpine
12/15 Saturday Chestnut*
12/22 Saturday Wilmot
12/28 Friday Night** Wilmot
12/29 Saturday Alpine Valley

January 2019

1/5 Saturday Little Switzerland
1/11 Friday Night** Wilmot
1/12 Saturday Wilmot
1/12 Saturday Cascade*
1/19 Saturday Wilmot
1/21 Monday Alpine Valley (MLK)
1/25 Friday Night** Wilmot
1/26 Saturday Alpine Valley

February 2019

2/2 Saturday Little Switzerland
2/2 Saturday Devil’s Head*
2/8 Friday Night** Wilmot
2/9 Saturday Wilmot
2/16 Saturday Little Switzerland
2/18 Monday Alpine Valley (Presidents Day)
2/23 Saturday Alpine Valley (Spring Fling)

March 2019

3/2 Saturday Wilmot
3/9 Saturday Devil’s Head (All Welcome)


Due to the longer distance and the increase in the slope at these locations, children must
qualify to attend Cascade, Chestnut and Devil’s Head trips. Snowboarders must be Level
C or higher and Skiers must be Level 3 or higher. Lessons are not offered on these trips and
members must be 10 years of age or older to attend. Sorry, there will be no exceptions.


The bus will depart from the Highland Park stop ONLY. Departure is at 5:00pm returning
at 11:00pm. Lessons are not offered on these trips and members must be 13 or older to
attend. No beginners. Currently space is limited to one bus (50 seats).