Pretty Faces: The Story of a Ski Girl

A film celebrating womens’ achievement in the mountains while inspiring girls of all ages to believe in their dreams.


Young girls need more positive role models to offer then an alternative to the world of skinny jeans, reality TV and fashion magazines. The film aims to provide a positive source of inspiration for young girls first and foremost. The lessons learned on the mountain parallel those learned by many women who take the path less traveled. Our documentary ski film (Pretty Faces) will showcase women walking that path to deliver the message “If she can do it, then so can I.”

Film Structure

"Pretty Faces aims to tell the story of skiing throughout a woman’s life; the story of the skier girl. Although the film will showcase females at the top of the sport, it is not limited to professional athletes. The real story is the confidence that skiing can bring forth in a female's life, no matter where in life that person may be. This story includes the achievements on skis as well as the story of taking the path less traveled. We explore what it means to take risks and how women are doing that in many different ways."

"Our essential vision (with creative license to change as we discover the documentary process) is to celebrate skiing’s impact on a multitude of phases of a women’s life: from a young girl to a working professional, pro skier or grandmother, there are unique elements connecting the female outdoor enthusiast. We want to visually identify these components as they relate to the human experience." 

Lynsey Dyer - Project Lead

"My name is Lynsey Dyer, I am a professional big mountain skier and co-founder of SheJumps. The inspiration for Pretty Faces came from my years of experience in the ski industry watching women consistently get overlooked despite the growing female interest in the sport. I was compelled to do something about this by contributing a film that can embolden women young and old by showing them what is possible on and off the hill to live up to one's potential. Put simply, I wanted to create something little girls could look to and use as proof that "if she can do it, then so can I.""

Here is Lynsey's Tedx talk about her mission.

Note from Williams Ski and Patio

We hope that this will inspire and empower many young female athletes to keep up with there dreams and continue to participate in sports.  SKI AND SNOWBOARD LIKE A GIRL.THAT IS A GREAT THING. DON'T CHANGE FOR ANYONE!

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