Outdoor Weddings

Many brides dream of getting married outdoors, and as summer gets into full swing, outdoor weddings are steadily gaining in popularity. Even though it may feel like every couple you know is getting married outdoors this summer, you can still make your outdoor wedding stand out by choosing a unique theme that embraces the natural elements of your setting.

A basic nature and simplicity themed wedding can provide a great building block to add your own personal touches. The trend in outdoor ceremonies is wide open spaces that feature simple décor and large, white tent-covered receptions. A rustic-chic vibe keeps the wedding intimate, and simple details such as twinkle lights and baby’s breath make a world of difference without breaking your budget. 

Outdoor wedding venue in the woods

A similar theme is farm to table chic, featuring wooden tables and natural flowers as essential elements of décor. One especially fitting venue for a farm to table chic wedding is a vineyard, which can create a private setting and offers you great versatility in variations on your theme- you can go more modern and glamorous, or more vintage and barn-inspired.

Outdoor Wedding with table and chairs on grass.

If you want to make your outdoor wedding a sophisticated affair, an outdoor vintage glamor wedding, combines elegance with natural elements. A lounge area decorated with vintage furniture will give your guests a picturesque place to relax, and a color scheme of gold, blushing pinks, and whites will pair well with gorgeous flower arrangements and the occasional sparkle here and there. 

Outdoor wedding night time lit up trees.

In a similar vein, a residential ballroom theme creates an open feel and makes even the most beautiful spaces feel less like a venue and more like a lounge so that guests feel comfortable in an elegant environment. 

Outdoor wedding on outdoor patio furniture on a porch.

For a timeless, classic looking wedding, try searching for a venue that radiates Southern charm. A timeless Southern beauty wedding pairs well with a simple, neutral color palette to let the venue’s character shine through. 

Outdoor wedding in southern united states location.

On the West Coast, a couple looking for an especially dramatic backdrop may consider getting married in a redwood forest. When getting married in a redwood forest, your décor should match the aesthetic of the area so it doesn’t take away from the awe-inspiring and attention-grabbing scenery.

Wedding in a west coast forest with tall trees all around.

Or, if the mountains are a better reflection of you and your partner’s personalities, a backdrop of rugged mountains, thick forests, and sunny skies may be a better setting. A rugged mountains and flip flops wedding sets the scene for an easygoing, unpretentious day at a venue-focused wedding. 

Wedding venue with mountain range in background.

Choosing a theme that perfectly complements your venue will make your wedding planning process easier and more streamlined. Find an outdoor wedding venue that reflects your personalities, and your wedding day will be that much more special.